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Exceptional Gen Insp

I like to keep a folder of my most favorite inspirations and references in this folder. Check them out!

Sometimes, media is a big criteria for getting in this folder.

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Features of Friends

Some features from some of my favorite friends/contacts on DeviantArt. :heart:

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Dancing in the Woods by owlburrow

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Nyx Reference sheet by Karry-Bird

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Pale Rock Valley by Peachfuzz

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Over many years I've bought many games I've never played. Lately I've gone back to play old games as part of a "vacation" from commitments (such as modding). After my current first-time play through of Final Fantasy XII, which unplayed game to you recomme 

8 deviants said Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
4 deviants said Shadow of the Colossus (Playstation 2)
3 deviants said Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (Gameboy Advanced)
3 deviants said Portal (Steam)
3 deviants said Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)
1 deviant said Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
1 deviant said Chrono Trigger (Playstation)
1 deviant said Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories (Playstation 2)
No deviants said Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void (PC)


Martin J. Owen
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States

Hello and welcome to my social page! I go by several aliases. For here, it is it Spikybum Jolteon but I do still go by my original name, Eclipsis. I have been with DeviantArt since July, 2004.

I am a graduate of a community college with an Associate’s in Computer Programming. I am currently taking classes towards a Bachelor’s in Business Administration: Computer Management. My graduation date will hopefully be by the end of Fall, 2015.

I develop the Minecraft modification, PokemonMD: Disciples of Corruption, which adds various hostile creatures themed after Pokemon usually combined with another theme from another game, movie, book, ect. I justify working on the mod as something to put on a resume/portfolio.

My personal idol is Markus Persson, or Notch, the developer of Minecraft. I appreciate his personal history and efforts it took for him to arrive at creating the game. Historic idols include General Robert E. Lee, Theodore Roosevelt, and Albert Einstein. I also learn much from my best friend, MythTrainerInfinity.

As an artist, my primary media are graphite and colored pencils. I also have skill with vector and text based pictures.

So until next time, this is Spikybum Jolteon,
~signing out.
I figured I might share some happenings. I have the topics labeled so if something perks your interest, you can read that bit. No need to read it all. ^^

Family Lawsuit
As some friends know, I have not really been getting paid from one of my two jobs, the immediate family bookstore one. They can’t afford to pay me and I’ve only been paid up through the first half of July, which was a measly $130 due to holidays and my severely cut hours.

Business has been extremely bad and we know exactly why. For the second year in a row, the major highway next to us where tourists and other passerby people would come to our business is under heavy construction; the first overhaul of the road and utilities in roughly 100 years. This was supposed to be completed last November. As you can see, it is mid-September and it is still not finished.

We know from a newspaper I also work for (and is paying me), a large reason for the delay is because of poor management practices and other problems such as workers refusing to work on weekends to make up for lost time or failing to show up at work at all. We caught wind of one business in the area planning to sue this construction company for the significant loss of business and my mom told me yesterday this is inspiring her to try and do the same.

If we could get a significant compensation for our business losses through the lawsuit, that would mean I could get back the over $2,000 the bookstore owes me in wages and a personal loan I lent. With that money I could nearly finish my Health Savings Account minimum needed amount to be exempt from monthly fees and be prepared for any medical emergencies.

Health Insurance
It’s no secret I hate Obamacare and other similar socialistic policies in America. My current insurance I have I pay nothing to due to Obamacare, insurance I never use but the company will be withdrawing from the market by the end of the year so I will no longer have it. I do not intend on finding another so come tax year, I will simply show I am so poor that I can be exempt from the Obamacare fine for not having insurance like I learned I could do last year.

I have a highly funded Health Savings Account. My lifestyle is stingy as heck so whenever my back account goes over a certain amount, that surplus goes straight into the account. I have little worry of health expenses. I’m healthy. My stingy lifestyle keeps me from living a completely trashy lifestyle. Not the best, but it works.

I know a lot of other Americans may have the problem of affording or qualifying for Obamacare. Do know you have the option to be exempt from that outrageous fine for a useless expense if your income is low.

Gaming Hard

Roughly the Sunday before last I caved in a picked up a childhood game, Final Fantasy VII, to play on a whim after watching a Let’s Play of Final Fantasy IV. Since then I have put in roughly 75 hours of gameplay in about 8 ½ days. It’s been a lot of fun to relive the piece.

But I told myself that today would be the last day I would allow myself to play it. I have to have finished all I want to do. All that remains that I want to do is obviously finishing the story (beat final bosses) but also do something I have never done before in the 8 or so times I’ve beaten the game: defeat the Emerald WEAPON (defeating the Ruby WEAPON doesn’t interest me or find worth it).

After that, I’ll get myself to do something else. I’ll do my best to stay away from Starcraft II which I’ve been itching to play through and finally play Legacy of the Void for the first time. I’ll try and do useful thins instead. Hehehe.

Some may know I also play League of Legends (hence all the references I make these days in my Minecraft modification). I play it once a day against AI games for a free in-game point bonus. I faithfully have not missed a day in probably close to two months now. Other than playing with friends over Skype now and then, that is all I do and not much more for League. I’ve kept it from being a huge time sink. ^^

I have been doing art but it’s still all inappropriate stuff for my audience here on DeviantArt, hence why I still have not posted much. It’s sexual in nature but not anything I couldn’t get away with posting to DA. I just spare what little audience I have of that because I know that is not what they want to see.

The commission income has been very good. It makes up for lack of pay from my bookstore job. That’s the tragedy. Smut pays extremely well.

Dedicated Pokémon Sun/Moon Update to My Minecraft Modification
I decided to make the Beta 1.1 update to PokemonMD: Undaunted Heroes a predominantly Sun/Moon/7th Generation themed update. Nearly every Pokémon addition made so far is from the 7th generation.

The current addition in the works is a Tamable, Death Blossom Lurantis. Thing is, combined with the new animation standards implemented this update, Tamables are massive time investment. I’d say it takes about three weeks to fully implement one. This Lurantis mob is taking even longer because it is a body build I am not used to working with. As of now, I still don’t know what to make the Lurantis do for certain. I’ve been so busy with just movement and idle animations.

Just today, I see the Coro Coro leaks revealed the evolution to Rockruff, another Pokémon I wanted to make a tamable out of when it came time. So… yah, probably another three weeks’ worth of time to invest. c.c’

As for one other hostile mob planned, Tempest Vikavolt, that project is still stuck due to lack of interest. Another recent new mob idea is Unknown Type: Null, a reference to the Unknown type monsters in Final Fantasy VII, inspiration courtesy my current play through of it.

Final Thoughts
I hope everyone reading this is well. Sorry for lack of activity. If anything you can visit my favorites to see what I’ve been looking around at throughout the weeks. ^^

Until next time, this is Spikybum Jolteon,
~signing out.





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Us at Team Zombeon are just going nuts waiting to hear more updates.

Also, if you have Dev versions, beta testing versions, and other pre-update versions, I'd be happy to test them out.
FuzzyAcornIndustries Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Hmm! Right now I am adding the final tamable and likely final mob of Alpha 1.0, Foxfire Zorua. Relatively short and simple compared to Ionian Ninetales and Okami Sylveon.

Other than that, I do a lot of testing in my survival live streams for game balance and other bugs. Works rather well.
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